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Education at Columbia Center for the Arts

March 14, 11am: Birdhouse Painting WorkshopBirdhouse Building Workshop

Mar. 22, 10am: Patricia Varga, Introduction to Ebru Cloud ArtEbru

Mar. 23-26: All-Arts Spring Break Theatre CampSpring Break Arts Camp

Tuesdays, Exploring Embroidery with Kristina HinchliffEmbroidery

Apr. 10-12: Qiang Huang, Basics of oil Painting Qiang Huang

June 19-21: Rene Eisenbart, Watercolor Portrait DesignRene Eisenbart

Jul. 11-12: Aimee Erickson, Plein Air Painting

Life & Portrait Drawing LabsLife & Portrait Drawing Labs

Oil Painting with Cathleen RehfeldCathleen Rehfeld Oil Painting

Confluence Project: Celilo Falls

Columbia Center for the Arts recently had the honor of working with Pacific Northwest Native American artist, Lillian Pitt, on a series of Confluence Project workshops for children. Click on the arrow below to view a digital story of what children involved in the project learned.

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Click here to learn more about the Confluence Project

Click here to learn more about Lillian Pitt

About Our Education & Outreach Programs

Columbia Center for the Arts offers art education, outreach and art classes for both seasoned artists and beginning art students in all disciplines from literary arts, theater, visual arts and more.

We offer art appreciation opportunities for the general public, as well as partnering opportunities with local schools.  We have a classroom set up as an art studio, and is available for rent by art teachers and others who want to teach their own classes.

Art classes at Columbia Art Gallery

Education is a cornerstone of our mission as a center. We hope you join us in an art class or other art education opportunity in the near future.

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March 14, 11am-Noon

Birdhouse Painting Workshop

For students ages 7-12 (parents welcome). Paint and take home a handmade birdhouse. Limited to 10 students. $20.
Learn More: Birdhouse Painting Workshop

March 22, 10am-1pm

Introduction to Ebru Cloud Art: Marbling and the Creative Process

Inspired by the ancient art of Ebru, or "cloud art," this workshop is unique approach to jump-starting one’s imagination, taking participants on their own journeys of creativity, where the product is creative expression—and 8–10 pieces of marbled paper.
Learn More: Ebru "Cloud Art"

Every Thursday 9am-12pm

Oil Painting with Cathleen Rehfeld

This oil painting class is designed for novices and experts alike. Cathleen's techniques are meant to meet every artist wherever you are in your painting journey.

Learn More: Cathleen Rehfeld

March 23-26

All-Arts Spring Break Theatre Camp

All kinds of artists are needed for a great performance, from writers and musicians to visual artists and dancers--and of course, the actors and crew. This camp will give students the opportunity to engage with all forms of art as they bring a favorite book to the stage.

Learn More: Spring Break Theatre Camp

March 31, April 14 & 28, May 12 & 26

Exploring Embroidery

Tuesdays this spring, join Kristina Hinchliff to learn and practice handwork techniques. Whether you're an artist who has never picked up needle and thread, an embroiderer who's never been into an art center, or are simply looking for a creative outlet, this is the workshop for you!
Learn More: Exploring Embroidery

April 10 – 12

Qiang Huang Three-day basics of oil painting workshop

Qiang’s approaches to still-life painting will be demonstrated with particular focus on composing dramatic setups by observing the light distribution, and using bold and loose strokes to create a powerful and accurate representation on canvas.
Learn More: Qiang Huang

June 19-21

Rene Eisenbart, Watercolor Portrait Design

In this workshop with award-winning Portland artist Rene Eisenbart, students will learn how to design a portrait that cannot be ignored, focusing on describing features accurately, knowing where to use ambiguity for greatest effect, and experimenting with unusual color pallettes, styles, and techniques.

Learn More: Watercolor Portrait Design

July 11-12

Aimee Erickson, Plein Air Painting Workshop

Join award-winning plein air artist Aimee Erickson for two days in the field as we turn our eyes to the beauty of nature. Learn to capture qualities of light and atmosphere and practice composing with intention. In the mornings we'll work outside, with a short demo on the first morning. Be prepared to do several small studies; afternoons will be spent in the classroom where we will work with our small studies to make successful pictures.

Learn More: Plein Air Painting Workshop

Every Friday, 9am-12pm

Life and Portrait Drawing Labs

Join us in the studio Friday mornings, 9-noon, to draw, paint, or sculpt from a live model. We’ll provide the model, easels and tables; you bring your art supplies and enjoy honing your skills. All skill levels are welcome.

Learn More: Life & Portrait Drawing Labs

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